Defining the Accounting Flexfield

Setup -> Financials -> Flexfield -> Key -> Segments

Select the Find Icon (Torch) on the Segment Creation Screen


• General Ledger Accounting Flexfield

Click on the Inside grid and select the new record Icon

Fill in the details

Code -> PAM_Accounting

Title -> PAM_Accounting

Description -> Accounting Flexfield for PAM Company

Click on the Segments Button & Fill in the details as below.

While moving between rows there will be a warning like below click OK and Proceed.
Select the Company Row and Click on open button & Enable the security enabled field, else the Flexfield security rules will not function.

Repeat the step for all the rows.

Select the Company Row and Click on Flexfield Qualifier Button. Check Mark the Balancing Segment.

Repeat the Operation for

• Department -> Cost Center Segment

• Account -> Natural Account Segment

• Intercompany -> Intercompany Segment

Save the Form & Exit

On the key Flexfield window enable the following

Allow dynamic insert, If this is not enabled each valid account code combinations should be predefined before they can be used.

Cross Validation Rules, If this is not enabled the cross validation rules for allowed accounting combinations will not work.

Save the Form

Enable Freeze Flexfield Definition. A warning message will appear where ok can be selected.

Click on the Compile button

View the status of the compile background request by selecting the View option from the menu and request , Find.

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