To start with let me define the Goal, The Goal is to put all that I experience to the future generation so they spend less time for the basics & invent a new wheel than reinvent the same.

A lot of information is collected for the process from the word wide web, so resemblance to the process patterns are possible, BUT none of the below will be a cut & paste but a real output of action that is performed.

Anyone and Everyone is invited to correct, advice & criticized, because then I will achieve more.

SO let me begin the Journey…..

Modules that are envisaged to be addressed

• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Oracle Purchasing
• Oracle Inventory
• Order Management
• Cash Management
• Fixed Assets
• iStore
• Projects

These may not be in the order specified but in the order that I could achieve.

To begin the implementation the basic requirement is to have an idea on how we want to define the Company. So let us first define the requirement for the Company structure and the chart of accounts as a start.

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