Defining Responsibility

The prerequisite for creating the chart of accounts is to have the access capability to do the same. In order to achieve the same we will have to define a responsibility and assign it to a user.

Login to the Systems as Sysadmin
Select System administrator responsibility
Create a New Responsibility.

On the System administrator menu Security -> Responsibility -> Define

Responsibility Name : PAM General Ledger Super User

Application : General Ledger

Responsibility Key : PAM_GL_SU

Effective date : Any date this Responsibility should be active from

Note : a responsibility once created cannot be deleted, it is only possible to end date the responsibility.

Data Group Name : Standard

Data Group Application : General Ledger


Note : This menu can be a customized one which we will see later.

Request Group Name : GL Concurrent Program Group.

Note : This identifies the report group that is available for the responsibility by default.

Request Group Application : General Ledger

Note : The rest of the responsibility definition would be discussed when we talk about security and how to define in later sessions.

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